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KingSener FPCBP331 Battery for Fujitsu LifeBook A532 AH512 AH532 AH532/GFX FPCBP331 FMVNBP213 FPCBP347AP 10.8V 4400mAh

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

KingSener, known as a worldwide registered brand owned by KingSener Inc. is one of the most Leading brand in North America, Europe and Asia.
KingSener FPCBP331 is one of the most popular laptop battery offered by KingSener Inc. and it’s one of the best selling now,which is designed and produced by strict production management system.
You may find its detail information below:

Battery Type: Li-ion
Condition:100% Brand New
Battery Model Number:FPCBP331
Replace Part Number:
FPCBP331 FMVNBP213 P567717-01 FPCBP347AP
Compatible Laptop Model :
For Fujitsu LifeBook A532
For Fujitsu LifeBook AH532
For Fujitsu LifeBook AH532/GFX
For Fujitsu LifeBook AH512
Legal Statement:
Copyright by KingSener Inc.
All rights reserved.
No part of the description above may be reproduced,
distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including relisting to Amazon or any online marketplace,
photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of KingSener Inc.
For permission requests, write to the seller ID below:
Amazon Seller ID: KingSener

E EGOWAY Laptop Battery for MacBook Air 13 inch A1466 A1369 (2017, Early 2015, Early 2014, Mid 2013, Mid 2012, Mid 2011 and Late 2010 Version), fits A1377 A1405 A1496

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

E EGOWAY offers high quality Laptop Battery, Power banks, Power Tools and more. We always pursuit for reliable quality, favorable price and sincere service. Thanks for your purchase!

Compatible Apple MacBook Air 13″ Battery Modes:

Compatible with Laptop Models:

Apple MacBook Air7,2 13″ A1466 -(2017)

Apple MacBookAir7,2 13″ A1466 – (Early 2015)
MJVE2LL/A (1.6 GHz Core i5)
MJVG2LL/A (1.6 GHz Core i5)

Apple MacBookAir6,2 13″ A1466 – (Early 2014)
MD760LL/B (1.4 GHz Core i5)
MD761LL/B (1.4 GHz Core i5)

Apple MacBookAir6,2 13″ A1466 – (Mid 2013)
MD760LL/A (1.3 GHz Core i5)
MD761LL/A (1.3 GHz Core i5)

Apple MacBookAir5,2 13″ A1466 – (Mid 2012)
MD231LL/A (1.8 GHz Core i5)
MD232LL/A (2.0 GHz Core i5)
BTO/CTO (2.0 GHz Core i7)

Apple MacBookAir4,2 13″ A1369 – (Mid 2011)
MC965LL/A (1.7 GHz Core 2 Duo)
MC966LL/A (1.7 GHz Core 2 Duo)
BTO/CTO (1.8 GHz Core i7)

Apple MacBookAir3,2 13″ A1369 – (Late 2010)
MC503LL/A (1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo)
MC504LL/A (1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo)
MC504LL/A BTO (2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo)

MacBook Air 13 inch computer models:
MC503LL/A / MC503 / MC503ZP/A / MC503LZ/A / MC503LL/A / MC503E/A / MC503B/A / MC504LL/A / MC504 / MC965LL/A / MC966LL/A / MD231LL/A / MD232LL/A / MD760LL/A / MD761LL/A / MD760LL/B / MD761LL/B / MJVE2LL/A / MJVG2LL/A MQD32xx/A, MQD42xx/A, MQD52xx/A

1. Please check your battery part number and Laptop Models to ensure you are getting the correct battery for your laptop!
2. This listing is for a MacBook Air 13″ A1405 battery, not for a MacBook Air 11″ A1406 battery.

NinjaBatt 9 Cell Laptop Battery for HP 593553-001 593554-001 636631-001 G62 MU09 584037-001 593550-001 593562-001 Pavilion G7 G6 G4 DM4 HSTNN-LB0W Presario CQ42 CQ56 CQ57 CQ62 – [6600mAh/73wh]

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Easy&Fine Replacement A1322 Laptop Battery for MacBook Pro 13 inch A1278 Battery (2012 2011 2010 2009 Version) MB990LL/A MB991ll/A MC374ll/A MC375LL/A MC700ll/A MD101LL/A MD102LL/A

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Compatible Laptop Model:

MacBook Pro 13-inch 2009 Version:
MB990LL/A, A1278, MacBookPro5,5 – Mid 2009 version
MB991LL/A, A1278, MacBookPro5,5 – Mid 2009 version

MacBook Pro 13-inch 2010 Version:
MC374LL/A, A1278, MacBookPro7,1 – Mid 2010 version
MC375LL/A, A1278, MacBookPro7,1 – Mid 2010 version

MacBook Pro 13-inch 2011 Version:
MC700LL/A, MC724LL/A, MacBookPro8,1 – Early 2011 version
MD314LL/A, MD313LL/A, MacBookPro8,1 – Late 2011 version

MacBook Pro 13-inch 2012 Version:
MD101LL/A, MD102LL/A, MacBookPro9,2 – Mid 2012 version

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Laptop Models:

MB990*/A / MB990CH/A / MB990J/A / MB990LL/A / MB990TA/A / MB990ZP/A / MB991*/A / MB991CH/A / MB991J/A / MB991LL/A / MB991TA/A / MB991ZP/A / MC700 / MC700B/A / MC700E/A / MC700J/A / MC700LL/A / MC700TA/A / MC700X/A / MC700ZP/A / MC724 / MC724B/A / MC724E/A / MC724J/A / MC724LL/A / MC724TA/A / MC724X/A / MC724ZP/A / MD313LL/A

Compatible Part Numbers:
661-5229 / 661-5557 / 020-6547-A / 020-6765-A / A1322 / A1278

Please be aware that this built-in battery only for laptops manufactured in 2009 2010 2011 2012, not work for laptops made in 2008 (such as A1278 made in 2008)

NinjaBatt Laptop Battery for HP 593553-001 593554-001 636631-001 593550-001 593562-001 584037-001 HSTNN-LB0W MU09 G62 HSTNN-UB0W High Performance [6 Cells/4400mAh/48wh]

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

BND 593553-001 Laptop Battery Compatible with HP 593554-001 MU06 MU09 636631-001 WD548AA 586006-321 593550-001 593562-001 HSTNN-LB0W HSTNN-UB0W HSTNN-CBOW – [6-Cell 4400mAh/49Wh]

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

BND Laptop Battery
• Capacity: 4400mAh/49Wh
• Voltage: 11.1V
• Cells: 6-cell
• Certification: CE FCC RoHS
• Color:Black

Compatible Part Numbers
To ensure compatibility, please cross check if the part number (located at the back of your original battery) is listed in the Fits Parts Number list.
Ctrl + F to search the model

• MU06 / MU09 / WD549AA / HSTNN-I84C / 593553-001 / 593554-001 / 593555-002/ 593550-001 / 636631-001 / WD548AA / WD548AA#ABB / HSTNN-LB0W / HSTNN-CBOW / 593556-001

NinjaBatt Laptop Battery for Asus X551 A31N1319 A41N1308 A31LJ91 X551C X551CA X551MA X451 X451C D550 00B110-00250600 0B110-00250100 – High Performance [4 Cells/2200mAh/32wh]

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

A1322 New Laptop Battery for MacBook Pro 13" A1322 A1278 (Mid 2009,Mid 2010,Early 2011,Late 2011,Mid 2012);661-5229 020-6547-A 661-5557 MB990LL/A MB991LL/A MC374LL/A MC700LL/A –12 Months Warranty

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Voltage: 11.1 V
Capacity: 66.6wh
Type: Li-ion
Color: Black
100% New battery from Manufacturer

Compatile Laptop Models:

Compatible Part Numbers:
661-5229, 661-5557, 020-6547-A, 020-6765-A, A1322, A1278 (2009 2010 Early 2011 version)

Compatible Models:

MacBook Pro 13-inch Mid 2009 Version:
(MB990LL/A, A1278, MacBookPro5,5) – Mid 2009 version
(MB991LL/A, A1278, MacBookPro5,5) – Mid 2009 version

MacBook Pro 13-inch Mid 2010 Version:
(MC374LL/A, A1278, MacBookPro7,1) – only for Mid 2010 version
(MC375LL/A, A1278, MacBookPro7,1) – only for Mid 2010 version

MacBook Pro 13-inch Early 2011 Version:
(MC700LL/A, MC724LL/A, MacBookPro8,1) – Early 2011 version

MacBook Pro 13-inch Late 2011 Version:
(MD314LL/A, MD313LL/A, MacBookPro8,1) – Late 2011 version

MacBook Pro 13-inch, Mid 2012 Version:
(MD101LL/A, MD102LL/A, MacBookPro9,2) – Mid 2012 version

Compatible Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch:

MB990*/A, MB990CH/A, MB990J/A, MB990LL/A, MB990TA/A, MB990ZP/A, MB991*/A, MB991CH/A, MB991J/A, MB991LL/A, MB991TA/A, MB991ZP/A, MC700, MC700B/A
MC700E/A, MC700J/A, MC700LL/A, MC700TA/A, MC700X/A, MC700ZP/A
MC724, MC724B/A, MC724E/A, MC724J/A, MC724LL/A, MC724TA/A, MC724X/A, MC724ZP/A, MD313LL/A

Packaged Included:
1 x New Replacement A1322 battery
4 x Screwdrivers

At WENYAA, we provide 12-month product warranty and perfect customer service!

Exxact Parts SolutionReplacement Acer AS10D31 Aspire 5253 Series Li-Ion Battery AS10D71

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Replacement For Acer notebooks
31CR19/65-2 / 31CR19/66-2 / 3ICR19/66-3 / 31CR19/65-2 / AS10D31 / AS10D3E / AS10D41 / AS10D51 / AS10D61 / AS10D71 / AS10D75 / AS10G3E / AS10D / BT.00603.111 / BT.00606.008 / BT.00607.125 / BT.00607.127 / AK.006BT.075 / AS10D73 / BT.00603.117 / BT.00605.062 / BT. 00607.130 / AK.006BT.080 / AS10D75 / BT.00603.124 / LC.BTP00.123 / BT.00604.049 / BT.00605.065 / BT.00607.126

Fit Machine Models Acer notebooks
Acer Aspire
4250 4253 4339 4349 4551 4551G 4738 4738Z 4739 4739Z 4743 4743Z 4741 4750 4750G 4755 4755G 4752 4752G 4752Z 4771 5251 5252 5253 5336 5349 5551 5551G 5552G 5560 5560G 5733 5741 5741G 5741Z 5742 5742G 5742Z 5742ZG 5750 5750G 5750Z 5750ZG 5755 5755G 5736 5736Z 7741G 7741Z-5731 7741Z-4643 7551G 7552G 7750Z

Acer TravelMate
4740 4750 5335 5542 5542G 5735 5735Z 5740 5740G 5740Z 5742 5742G 5742Z 5742ZG 5744 5760 6495T 7740 7740G 7750 7750G 7750Z 8472 8473 8573 TM5742


Buy with confidence!
Ship next business day
24 x 7 Email Support

593553-001 593554-001 mu06 mu09 New Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion G6 G7 G6-1D38DX G6-1d21DX G6-1A30US G7-1260US 435, 436 Notebook PC- Li-ion 6-Cell 10.8V 47WH

Last update was on: Tuesday, October 6, 2020


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